supporting, encouraging, and facilitating learning for all people

About the Center

The Bishop John Thomas Walker National Learning Center is a multi-functional, regional, national, and international resource and educational facility. Its primary mission is to support, encourage, and facilitate life-long learning to all peoples through instruction, dialogue, exploration, human interactions, and exchanges. Through its programs, policies and procedures, the Center will symbolize and strengthen positive and fruitful relationships among all peoples, as reflected in existing and future partnerships with the local community, as well as national and global organizations. The Center will bring together the worlds of education and learning with the worlds of community and outreach ministry, and will thereby seek to fulfill Bishop Walker's vision for the reconciliation of all peoples.

Bishop Walker

Born in Barnesville, Georgia, Bishop Walker grew up in Detroit. In 1951 he became the first African American to be admitted as a student in the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia, thereby breaking down a significant racial barrier in the history of the Episcopal Church.